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Psychedelics Maniac is an online dispensary that focuses on Mail Order Shrooms,Shroom Edibles and other psychedelics products. We are communited to providing premium magic mushrooms to our community with the highest quality.

We offer everything from Dried magic mushrooms, microdose shroom capsules, Magic Mushroom chocolates, magic mushroom gummies and other psychedelic products. Our most popular dried mushrooms are the class golden teachers and penis envy magic mushrooms.
Every order is provided with a tracking number and is shipped discrettly.


The magic mushrooms we have in stock are safe for use. We check the magic mushrooms for their quality and potency and it is our goal to make sure that every customer gets access to a product that can help them truly experience the quality of magic mushrooms. Rest assured that you are getting a product that is high quality and designed for consumption with ease.

Because these product are checked for their quality, we can reduce the chance for side effects. When you buy shrooms from us, we can make sure that you are getting a regulated dose and the best quality of mushrooms that we can aquire in the industry. When seeking mushrooms from other suppliers, you may not always get the same potency, with our team of experts, Sit back rest assured knowing you will get a consisntent dose every time.

Our Mission / Vision

We Deliver Magic Mushrooms to Every Country in Europe Australia and Nord America.
All of the products that we sell come grown here in United States of America and under careful cultivation standards. Magic Mushroom Dispensary can make it simple for you to pick out your products and start your trip with a simple online form. Check out what we have in stock today and begin your journey with the top magic mushrooms for sale.

Our store works with the top magic mushrooms suppliers in United States to ensure every product we sell is verified for its quality and for its potency. If you want to be confident in the product you are purchasing, our team does the due diligence and testing to ensure you get great results each time.
Our magic mushroom dispensary is open for business! If you have any questions about the mushrooms we have in stock, contact us today for more info on each product.

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