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Transkei Mushrooms.

Transkei Magic mushrooms is one of the best choices for those who want to try an alternative medicine.

They are known to have great medicinal properties and they can be used to treat over 100 health disorders.

The benefits of these mushrooms are scientifically proven and there are many studies that have been conducted on the various health disorders that this mushroom can cure.

Transkei magic Mushrooms is a powerful all natural nutritional supplement that contains a blend of powerful herbs and mushroom concentrates, Transkei Mushrooms supports healthy immune system function.

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African Transkei Mushroom Effects.

African Transkei Mushroom is a non-toxic, powerful ingredient that works as a super detoxifier.

It helps you heal from chronic conditions and supports your immune system.This  mushroom is a very unique psychedelic mushroom. T

his powerful entheogen has clear and intense effects that can be consumed for inner healing, reaching enlightenment, releasing emotional barriers and connecting with spirit guides.

Transkei Mushroom.

These mushrooms are sautéed in olive oil with garlic, shallots and fresh herbs.They are then added to a rich and creamy sauce made from fresh tomatoes and finished with Gruyère cheese

Transkei mushrooms are large and firm, making them ideal for grilling or slow cooking. They have a very delicate flavour that can be used in a number of different dishes.


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Our products include high potency variety of this magic mushroom, magic shroom from India and Mexico, and blue lotus seeds.

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african transkei mushroom
african transkei mushroom


Transkei Mushrooms
Transkei Mushrooms

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Transkei Mushrooms
Transkei Mushrooms
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